Start Your Tax Prep in Grand Rapids, Michigan


When tax season comes around, you're better off speaking to an accounting professional than trying to navigate a tax software. For one, tax software may not help your business with its specific needs, but a tax preparation service can help you with your personal situation. Whether you need help with your business taxes or individual taxes, Timmer Accounting & Tax Service, LLC, is available at all times.

Are you looking for help with tax prep in Grand Rapids, MI? Choose Timmer Accounting & Tax Service, LLC, as your accounting professionals this year and the next so you can fully take advantage of all we have to offer you.

Tax Prep for Individuals

Tax return forms are different for businesses than they are for individuals. Depending on what kind of business you run, you will have to fill out different types of forms such as Form 1120 if you're a C corporation owner or Form 1120S if you're an S corporation owner. At Timmer Accounting & Tax Service, LLC, we know which tax forms are right for you. 

Part of taxes is preparing for them all year round. Because additional filing dates are required for businesses, having a tax prep service on your side will keep you in line the entire year. We help you keep track of your expenses so you can get the tax deductions you deserve. Plus, you can get more deductions as a business than as an individual. 

Tax Prep for Businesses

At Timmer Accounting & Tax Service, LLC, we also offer our tax preparation services to individuals. Whether you need our help filing taxes or some advice on how to prepare for when tax season comes around, we are at your side. We help you get the deductions you deserve so you can get the best return possible. Stay compliant and save your money at the same time with our tax prep services.

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