Five Reasons To Outsource Your Bookkeeping With An Accountant

Business owners know how vital bookkeeping is, especially for tax season, and how tedious of a task it is. You can avoid that headache by outsourcing your accounting to a qualified company, like Timmer Accounting and Tax Services; here are five tremendous reasons to do so.

1 – Fewer Expenses

It turns out, compensating a foreign accountant by the hour is less costly than paying one of your own employees to do it. Otherwise, your payment would include hiring, training, benefits, supervision, payroll taxes, etc.

2 – More Potential Revenue

If you have previously been bookkeeping individually, you may already know that it usually takes two to four weeks to complete a year’s worth. That’s two to four weeks you could have been more productive for your business, thus gaining more revenue if you had an outside accountant. Not only that, seasoned bookkeepers and accountants know how to find where money is leaking out of waste and where opportunities for new revenue lie.

3 – Assured Accuracy

Another benefit of outsourcing is your peace of mind. The reputation of your service provider relies on the quality of their work, and they have the training to be so. Therefore, you can have the assurance that their bookkeeping is accurate. And if it is not, you can get them to fix it for you without further headache. Their expertise in accounting is usually more than small businesses have access to, anyway.

4 – Efficiency

Let’s face it; your bookkeeping will get done more efficiently when proacted on the outside. Completing this objective well and in a timely manner is what accountants do best. Meanwhile, you and your staff surely have other business affairs to attend to.

5 – Better Security

You’ll, of course, want to be careful; 20% of small businesses are victims of theft from employees. An outsourced accountant provides checks and balances that keep your cash safe.

Before you touch that stack of paperwork, consider having an accountant take care of it; it’s less expensive, after all. You will be appreciative of this progressive and more straightforward business service.

Contact us today about outsourcing your bookkeeping, we have decades of experience to offer you, and it is never too late to start!

Duane Timmer