Why Your Small Business Could Really Use A Controller

The next quarterly tax deadline is June 15. Are you prepared for that on top of other accounting, HR, and management duties you have? For small businesses especially, hiring an accounting controller will save time, money, as well as peace of mind.

There Are A Lot of Duties To Hand Over

There’s a lot more you may be handling than you need to. All those accounting tasks — processing payroll, managing account payables/receivables, investing, budgeting, reporting, risk management, overseeing the accounting team — could be in your controller’s hands instead. Even if you don’t have an accounting team, as many startups don’t, you could use their assistance in establishing one as you expand. Additionally, with their expertise, they can tell you exactly when to perform an audit and help you prepare. 

Beyond accounting duties, controllers are glad to perform some of those of HR. This includes hiring, training, answering questions about employee benefits, and managing employee files as well as 401(k) activity.

How Your Company Can Benefit

Expertise is a primary advantage of hiring a controller: It minimizes trouble with accounting software and provides you with the confidence that your finances have professional security. You can relax in the sense that your bookkeeping will stay up to date, which gains importance as small businesses start to grow. Rather than leaving yourself, your CFO, or accountant(s) burnt out, this is the opportunity to increase efficiency by supplementing these parties. Furthermore, it is cheaper to collaborate with a controller than to pay a staff member’s salary. Save that money for other pressing business matters!

Outsource A Controller With Timmer Accounting

Timmer Accounting provides a full range of financial and controller services to startups like yours around Holland, MI. Entrepreneurs often find themselves wearing a lot of hats, but you can at least allow us to handle your financials for you.

Do you envision yourself with three jobs, HR, accounting, and manager, or are you looking to just be a confident business owner carrying out your passion with everything handled? Small establishments in the West Michigan area looking to lessen their financial labor as well as save money are called to work with Timmer Accounting controllers. May this be a step in your company’s expansion and success!

Duane Timmer